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Let’s Work Together

I am delighted to share some information with you about the exciting prospect of our collaboration. Because they are an exclusive and unique product, Life:iconic Studio portraits will enhance your suite of services and give you an additional offering that will set you apart from the competition. I am only reaching out to select vendors who offer premium services.

As soon as you have a lead to pass along, I will take it from there and complete the entire transaction. I will provide you with updates and paperwork to keep you in the dialogue (as much or as little as you like!) and pay your commission immediately upon delivery of the artwork. I can work with clients anywhere in the US and abroad. The service includes an hour consultation, photograph review, editing and feedback sessions, framing advice, and of course, the delivery of the finished painting in a beautiful custom box. The hour consultation with your client is done on Facetime or Skype and is free of charge regardless of whether they go forward. I encourage you to look at the full portfolio and concept descriptions.

Because there is no gallery involved, I am able to offer my affiliates an attractive commission as follows:






List Price

$ 975.00









This is a premium product for the discerning couple who appreciates fine art and sees value in a family heirloom that will be passed on for generations. I have a long career as an American Impressionist and corporate portrait painter, trained in the style of Sargent, the foremost American society painter. Because I am I painting from photos without the many sittings and travel usually involved, I can offer these high-quality portraits at a fraction of the price of my traditional formal portraits. Of course, these make ideal gifts from parents.
Fill out the form to the right and I will provide you with some of my small flyers for your clients. I will also send a blue box which is a small version of the large, attractive delivery box, enclosed in a shipping carton and tied with a white grosgrain ribbon and personal note atop.

Please remember, this is a boutique company, and I am always available to help with any interested client via phone or email.
Thank you for your interest, and I hope to have the opportunity to create a “new art experience” for your clients.

Fill out my online form.