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Painted Portraits of Engagements, Weddings, and Family
by Heidi Coutu

Allow me!

Simply stated, this is the proposition: I want to use my talent to capture iconic moments, interesting people,  and the ties that bind couples and families.  After years of being a traditional artist, I have found the passion for this next phase of my career, and I am excited to work with you.  I am not a performance artist who paints at weddings.  I am a serious portrait painter, who has decided to use my years of expertise to make real art accessible and enjoyed by a wider audience. I will paint from one of your treasured photos, and create a high-quality painting that is sure to become a beloved family heirloom. My corporate portraits which require several sittings are, frankly, much more of a financial commitment but with my Life:iconic Studio concept, I have collapsed the entire process to provide my clients with a portrait that is unrivaled for the investment.